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Download Film Rumah Malaikat (2016) Full Movie

Download Film Rumah Malaikat (2016) Full Movie

GenreFeatured, Horror
ActorAgung Saga, Dayu Wiyanto, Mentari De Marelle, Roweina Umbon
DirectorBilly Christian
Related24 November 2016
Duration1 Jam 33 Menit

Download Film Rumah Malaikat (2016) Full Movie

Sinopsis Film Rumah Malaikat
Alexandra (Mentari de Marelle), student, became a substitute teacher at an orphanage called House Angels. Alexandra replace Irma, who no longer hold teaching because it is always plagued by the ghost of a small child. Alexandra Arrival get bad reception of the children home.

Alexandra often intimidated. Alexandra denounce acts of children, but no one recognizes. Alexandra did not know that what bothers him is the real ghost.

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