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Download Film Jembatan Pensil (2017) Full Movie

Download Film Jembatan Pensil (2017) Full Movie

ActorKevin Julio, Mariam Bellina
DirectorHasto Broto
Related7 September 2017
Duration1 Jam 31 Menit

Download Film Jembatan Pensil (2017) Full Movie

Synopsis Film Jembatan Pensil
Inal, Nia, Aska, Yanti, Attar, and Ondeng (Angger Bayu, Nayla D Purnama, Azka Maruki, Jingga Gem, Vickram Priyono, Didi Mulya) are striving to get education in the free school built by Pak Guru (Andi Bersama).

Inal who is blind and Ondeng who has ‘backwardness’, must go through a winding journey to go to school and back home.

Ondeng’s ability to draw sketches makes him always ‘record’ all his interests: his father’s fisherman life and the brittle bridge his friends always go through.

His goal: to build the bridge. When the brittle bridge collapses while they were crossing, it does not dampen their spirits.

Ondeng’s thoughts that always remembering his father and his fear left by his father make Ondeng out of control and does not realize the dangers of bringing his boat alone into the sea.

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