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Download Film Cars 3 (2017) Subtitle Indonesia Full Movie

Download Film Cars 3 (2017) Subtitle Indonesia Full Movie

GenreSport, Comedy, Animation
ActorOwen Wilson, Armie Hammer
DirectorBrian Fee
Related12 Juli 2017
Duration1 Jam 49 Menit

Download Film Cars 3 (2017) Subtitle Indonesia Full Movie

Synopsis Film Cars 3
Lightning McQueen, now a seven-time Piston Cup racing legend, and the other veterans of the Piston Cup, suddenly find themselves being displaced by the next-generation rookies such as Jackson Storm, outfitted with the latest technology to break speed records.

As the season progresses, the amount of new racers begin to increase, resulting in many veterans either retiring, or being fired by their sponsors, to make way for the new generation. Then, in the last race of the season, McQueen is injured in a rollover crash while trying to catch up to Storm.

Four months later, McQueen, recovering in Radiator Springs, isolates himself from his friends, and is watching footage of Doc Hudson, whose career ended in a similar accident, and McQueen fears that this might happen to him as well.

After receiving some encouragement from his girlfriend, Sally, McQueen decides to continue racing and call his sponsors from Rust-eze, Rusty and Dusty, who surprise him by telling him they opened a new state-of-the-art training center known as the Rust-eze Racing Center, only to reveal that they have sold the team to a new owner, Sterling. There, McQueen meets Sterling, and is assigned to train under Cruz Ramirez. Cruz's methodical approach to training wears on McQueen's impatience, and he attempts to use a high tech racing simulator - only to end up damaging it.

Sterling decides that McQueen is unfit to race, and instead, plans to use him for promotional materials only. McQueen contests this, and instead, makes a deal; if he should win the first race of the season, he will get to determine when he retires, otherwise he will retire on the spot. Sterling accepts the deal, but assigns him to work one-on-one with Cruz.

McQueen tries to train on the nearby Fireball Beach in order to build up his speed, but he finds most of his time spent on teaching Cruz how to drive on various terrain. McQueen then attempts to race at a dirt track called Thunder Hollow, and inadvertently becomes part of a demolition derby called ″Crazy Eight″ that Cruz wins, and her elation leads to McQueen's embarrassment.

Distraught at the waste of training time, McQueen rages at Cruz, and in a fit of frustration, he accidentally breaks her trophy.

Upset and in retaliation, Cruz furiously reveals that she had wanted to race professionally all her life, since she was inspired by McQueen, but never started a race because she felt intimidated by the other race cars, and simply lacked confidence. She resigns as McQueen's trainer, and heads back to the training center.

Guilty and with no other options, McQueen calls up his friend Mater, who suggests that he should talk to Doc's mentor, Smokey in Doc's hometown of Thomasville. McQueen catches up to Cruz, and, after revealing that he had fixed her trophy, apologizes to her, and convinces her to join him. In Thomasville, McQueen meets up with Smokey, who recounts how, despite his forced retirement, Doc found a new happiness in training McQueen.

After McQueen accepts that he will never be as fast as Storm, Smokey and his friends help McQueen learn new tricks to overcome his speed disadvantage with Cruz as his sparring partner. However, during the last practice race, Cruz suddenly overtakes him, giving him a flashback to his crash, shaking his confidence.

At the race in Florida, McQueen is coached by Smokey from the pits, and manages to gradually push up through the ranks. Sterling, who still believes McQueen cannot win, orders Cruz back to the center, despite her wanting to stay and watch the race. McQueen overhears this, and remembers Cruz's speech about wanting to be a racer. He devises a plan; the next time he pits, he tells his crew to outfit Cruz in his racing number to try and finally beat Storm, against Sterling's wishes.

Cruz is initially shaken by her lack of confidence, but Smokey and McQueen help her to pull ahead. On the last lap, Cruz catches up to Storm. Storm, feeling threatened, tries to intimidate her - even to the point of ramming her against the wall, but she uses one of Doc's tricks to repel off it, take the lead, and win.

As Cruz celebrates her victory, Sterling offers her a role on his team, but she instead takes a counteroffer made by Tex Dinoco. Sterling reminds McQueen about his bet, but then McQueen's name is shared with Cruz's on the leaderboard as victors, since both he and Cruz raced with the winning number, thus winning the deal. Tex then goes to speak with Sterling, offering a deal.

Sometime later, McQueen and Cruz return to Radiator Springs, decked out in Doc's old color and number, respectively. McQueen reveals that Tex has bought Rust-eze from Sterling, and McQueen decides to continue racing, and to be Cruz's crew chief.

In the post-credits scene, Mater at his junkyard tries to answer an incoming call from his phone. Somehow he accidentally touches his reception antenna and his phonegoes dead much to his dismay.

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